ScienceTech Consulting offers research and advisory work primarily in the following areas:

  1. Sustainability of Wood Resources and Production Units

  2. Our work in sustainability of wood resources includes assistance on specific aspects of wood resource management with regard to sustainability objectives: technological, economic and policy aspects of resource usage efficiency and recycling practices. We also assist with carbon accounting, embodied energy and other institutional strategies designed towards more sustainable production and consumption systems.

  3. Capacity Building and Environmental Sustainable Development of Forestry Sector in Developing Countries

  4. Our work in capacity building and sustainable development in developing countries includes professional support for the establishment and management of efficient production systems as well as sustainable utilisation of forest resources: operational and wood processing activities evaluation; infrastructure development; capacity building for educational/training organisations allied with the wood industry; dealing with environmental challenges facing the wood industry in developing countries.

  5. Characterisation of Wood and Wood Products

  6. Our work in characterisation of wood and wood products includes laboratory experiments and assessments on the mechanical  properties of wood and wood based materials, the quality of various wood products as result of weathering (discolouration, bondability, coatings appearance, etc), bendability of various wood species.

  7. Non-destructive Technologies for Wood

  8. Our work in the non-destructive technologies area includes assistance on specific aspects of the non-destructive technologies which are currently commercialised and used for various assessments of structural timber, wood based products and trees from urban environments (the fundamental principles and characteristics of the non-destructive technologies for wood, market size, competitive environment, anticipated growth, etc.).

  9. Microwave Industrial Applications in Wood Industry and Beyond

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